Mobile Climbing Wall

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In addition to the climbing wall based at Leicester Leys we have a Mobile Climbing Wall that can be taken to any location throughout the Midlands.

The wall is 7 meters tall and so is a great visual attraction for school/village fairs and community days.

The wall can also be taken to schools and colleges to be used in a variety of ways. It can just be used as a bit of fun or a reward, or it can also be used as a team building exercise where groups have to work together to climb up the wall.

The wall is provided with a minimum of two fully qualified climbing instructors, who hold current first aid certificates and are DBS checked. The climbing wall is fully insured and we provide all of the necessary safety equipment.

There are two main ways that we operate the wall, either ‘queue and climb’ or group climbing sessions of 45-60 minutes. For queue and climb we will set up barriers with a queuing system, then participants will be kitted up in small groups of approx. 4 at a time and given a go on the wall. After their turn the next people waiting in line will be given a go and so on.

For group climbing sessions a group of usually 16-30 people will have an allocated time of 45-60 minutes. In this time they will work in 4 teams where one person from each team is climbing and the rest are working together to hold the ropes and keep the climber safe, under the supervision of the instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the mobile wall arrive and what access will you need?

The mobile climbing wall will arrive as a trailer towed behind a van, therefore it is important to ensure that your site has suitable vehicular access and space to set up (15mx5m required for set up). We will check suitability beforehand either through use of Google Earth or a site visit. The climbing wall stays attached to the trailer and is lifted up right into position using hydraulics. When it is set up the wall stands at approximately 7m tall.

How many people can climb at a time?

This depends on the number of instructors and the way the wall is being run. The wall has 4 ropes meaning a maximum of 4 people can climb at a time, however it is only possible for 4 people to climb at a time when operating group climbing sessions or the queue and climb system with 4 instructors.

If operating queue and climb can we charge participants to use the wall?

You may charge for use of the wall, but you would need to provide someone to take responsibility for that as our staff are unable to do this. Commonly people charge £1 or £2 for a go but this is up to you.

Where can the wall be sited?

The wall must be sited outside on either grass or a hard standing surface, so long as the area has suitable vehicle access.

What’s included?

Full instruction by qualified staff, who are first aid trained and DBS checked.  All required safety equipment.  Public Liability Insurance (copies of this can be produced on request). Safety barriers to cordon off the area of your site used by the wall.

Who can take part?

Anyone can take part adults or juniors, so long as they have read and understood the participation statement and rules that are displayed as they are queuing for the wall. This includes having wearing closed toe shoes and not being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.

There is no age restriction as such, but there is a minimum height restriction of approx. 1.1m

How much does it cost?

As everyone’s requirements are different please contact us for a custom quote and to find out availability.

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